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 (mŏn-tān′, mŏn′tān′)
Of, growing in, or inhabiting mountain areas.

[Latin montānus, from mōns, mont-, mountain; see men- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) of or inhabiting mountainous regions: a montane flora.
[C19: from Latin montānus, from mons mountain]


(ˈmɒn teɪn)
1. pertaining to, growing in, or inhabiting mountainous regions.
2. the lower vegetation belt on mountains.
[1860–65; < Latin montānus=mont- (s. of mōns) mount2 + -ānus -ane]
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Adj.1.montane - of or inhabiting mountainous regions; "montane flowers"
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A los ninos les encanta esta fiesta, ya que pueden disfrutar del contacto directo con los caballos participantes, montan en carruaje y hacen otras actividades al aire libre.
He has worked extensively in the Yukon and internationally as the exploration manager for Solomon Resources (TSXV: SRB) where he designed, managed and executed grassroots explorations programs in Rwanda, Yukon and British Columbia; geologist for Montan Mining Corp.
The product boasts a novel chemistry which makes it highly compatible with polyamides and is superior in performance to alternative lubricants such as Montan ester waxes, according to the company.
Kahlwax 6700 (INCI: Copemicia cerifera cera, helianthus annuus seed cera, polyethylene, C30-50 alcohols, montan acid wax, shorea robusta resin, hydrogenated styrene/ethyl styrene/indene copolymer) is a vegan blend of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, such as camauba wax, sunflower seed wax and shorea robusta resin, according to the company.
The product boasts a novel chemistry which makes it highly compatible with polyamides, the company says, and it's superior in performance to alternative lubricants such as montan ester waxes.
In the meantime, the Iranian Petroleum University of Technology (PUT) and Austrian Montan University signed a cooperation agreement with the objective to strengthen scientific and engineering ties.
Completing the line-up are the James Finn-trained Coldstonesober, seeking a fourth win over hurdles to go with his four over fences, Nurse Ryan, one of three course-and-distance winners in the field, and West Montan.
Inca One, Standard Tolling, Montan Mining and Anthem United are all investing in their own plants around the country.
El tema de los ataques de denegacion de servicio (DDoS) se ha incrementado, de acuerdo con especialistas de fabricantes y mayoristas, los ataques que antes estaban orientados a saturar enlaces pasaron a comprometer recursos en los que se montan servicios, lo cual es sumamente delicado, ya que eso se traduce en perdidas economicas para usuarios y empresas.
The amalgamation of Canadian capital pool company Montan Capital Corp.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 6, 2015-Peru-Focused Montan Capital, Strait Minerals Amalgamation Closes
Complete line of waxes includes Montan, PE, PP and micronized waxes, and ethylene bisstearamide.