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 (mŏn-tān′, mŏn′tān′)
Of, growing in, or inhabiting mountain areas.

[Latin montānus, from mōns, mont-, mountain; see men- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) of or inhabiting mountainous regions: a montane flora.
[C19: from Latin montānus, from mons mountain]


(ˈmɒn teɪn)
1. pertaining to, growing in, or inhabiting mountainous regions.
2. the lower vegetation belt on mountains.
[1860–65; < Latin montānus=mont- (s. of mōns) mount2 + -ānus -ane]
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Adj.1.montane - of or inhabiting mountainous regions; "montane flowers"
References in classic literature ?
Montano, the King of Thieves, was first heard of in the mountains some ten years ago, when people said brigands were extinct.
I call myself Montano," cried the strange courier in a voice equally loud and full.
I am puzzled about Ezza or Montano, or whatever his name is.
Why should Ezza Montano want so specially to tell all Europe that he had picked the pocket before he levied the blackmail?
At the same moment, and long before the vibration had touched the less-experienced English ears, Montano the brigand ran up the bank above them and stood in the broken hedge, steadying himself against a tree and peering down the road.
Montano also had his cutlass unsheathed, and Muscari, without further speech, sent a slash at his head which he was compelled to catch and parry.
But even in that tragic wreck he could not help having a smile and a hand of half-mocking friendship for the indefensible Ezza Montano.
Others in the Top 10 are Police Cadet Francis Pang-ay Fagkang of Sadanga, Mountain Province; Police Cadet Jess Torres Agustin of Kabayan, Benguet; Police Cadet Jesstony Fabro Asanion of Santa Cruz, Zambales; Fire Cadet Myrick Aquino Paldingan of Mankayan, Benguet; Police Cadet Christian Villacarlos Juego of Dasmarinas City, Cavite; Police Cadet Cherry Mae Lumogda Montano of General Santos City; Police Cadet Stephen Torrevillas Abrica of Cebu City; Jail Cadet Arjay Marcaida Cuasay of Paranaque City; and Police Cadet Maricar Sison Ansus of Sorsogon City.
Allan Montano, a labor lawyer and currently president of the Philippine Association of Voluntary Arbitrators Inc.
officials handed over custody of former Salvadoran army colonel Inocente Orlando Montano to Spanish authorities who have indicted him for "terrorist" murder in connection with the 1989 Jesuit massacre in El Salvador.
Montano said they plan to purchase new personal protective equipment for personnel to be used in their maintenance activities.
She explores the liturgical rituals and daily disciplines of Montano's Catholicism in works like Sitting: Dead Chicken, in which she presented herself as a nun, and Linda Mary Montano Celebrates Mother Theresa's Birthday; Athey's improvisational, charismatic Pentecostal healing revivals, particularly the Torture Trilogy, which explore domestic violence and incest; and mainstream Protestantism in Duncan's Calvinist Presbyterianism and how his performances visualize the violent consequences of male sexual aggression.