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n. pl. Montauk or Mon·tauks
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the eastern end of Long Island in New York.
2. The Algonquian language of the Montauk, dialectally related to Mohegan and Pequot.
3. A member of any of various Algonquian peoples of eastern and central Long Island connected with the Montauk.

[From a place name of Montauk origin.]
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Last year the $162 million Montauk, located in New York City, posted a $17.
Montauk Salt Cave is owned by Peter and Shannon Coppola, a husband and wife team that decided to open this cave after learning about the benefits of Himalayan salt for their 4-year old son, Oliver.
com/shows/monsterquest/videos/montauk-monster myth-of-monster#montauk-monster myth-of-monster) Montauk Monster ended up falling far short of fantasy.
Beckmann had a large portion of the market share of Montauk, even with a small amount of people," Town & Country CEO Judi Desiderio said of her decision to acquire the company.
Feith and Winget owe B J Wilson, the property manager of Montauk Lakefront Cottages, approximately 7,000 dollars for three cottages they rented last year for themselves and employees.
a 41-foot Coast Guard utility vessel began searching the area off Montauk, followed by another utility boat and several larger vessels before dawn.
In a recent beer tasting competition held by the Long Island Wine Club, Montauk Light took third-place out of 53 entries, Black reported, placing only behind Samuel Adams and Royal Oak Pale Ale.
At Montauk, I am excited to have the opportunity to put this into practice for individual companies.
CORCORAN just listed the famed Tick Hall in Montauk for $62 million.
That is precisely the case for Caterpillar customer Montauk Energy and their work at the Bowerman Landfill in Orange County, California.
Two sources, who asked not to be named, said the NCUA and the New York Department of Financial Services are soliciting merger bids for Montauk Credit Union, which was placed into conservatorship in September because of its financially troubled taxi medallion loan portfolio.
has published American Gibraltar: Montauk and the Wars of America by Henry Osmers.