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(mɒntˈkɑːm; French mɔ̃kalm)
(Biography) Louis Joseph (lwi ʒozɛf), Marquis de Montcalm de Saint-Véran. 1712–59, French general in Canada (1756); killed in Quebec by British forces under General Wolfe


(mɒntˈkɑm, mɔ̃-)

Louis Joseph, 1712–59, French general in Canada.
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But the French general, the famous Marquis de Montcalm, possessed a great genius for war, and had something within him that taught him how battles were to be won.
At daybreak tidings were carried to the Marquis de Montcalm that the English army was waiting to give him battle on the Plains of Abraham.
When, therefore, intelligence was received at the fort which covered the southern termination of the portage between the Hudson and the lakes, that Montcalm had been seen moving up the Champlain, with an army "numerous as the leaves on the trees," its truth was admitted with more of the craven reluctance of fear than with the stern joy that a warrior should feel, in finding an enemy within reach of his blow.
Recruits had come in during the stay of the regiment at Chatham; and the old General hoped that the regiment which had helped to beat Montcalm in Canada, and to rout Mr.
Those distinctions belonged to Francois Bigot, his larcenous intendant who awaited trial in a nearby cell, and to de Rigaud's incompetent military commander, General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, who was by then dead and buried after his defeat on the Plains of Abraham.
Offer includes flights with Air France and three nights accommodation with breakfast at Hotel Montcalm Depart from Dublin, Cork.
Pacific North West Capital (PFN) has started a 2,000-metre diamond drill program to test targets at their West Timmins project, south of Xstrata's Montcalm nickel mine.
The 11-year-old, who finished third behind Best Mate in the totesport Cheltenham Gold Cup in both 2003 and 2004, followed a season out through injury with a comeback point-to-point win at Tinahely in January, before running second to General Montcalm in a hunter chase at Leopardstown.
Former manager Frank Osgood, who took on Chilton in September 1964, handed over a silver dish as a memento, with the additional gift of a weekend for two at London's Montcalm Hotel and tickets to see the latest Lloyd-Webber production The Woman In White.
The elite lines were grown in field trials at the Montcalm Research Farm (MRF), Entrican, MI, in 1996 (MRF96; Test 1), 1997 (MRF97; Test 2), and 1998 (MRF98; Test 3).
the "Optionee") has been terminated on a nickel-copper prospect property comprised of three claim groups (194 mining claims) covering an area of 3,140 hectares located approximately 70 kilometers northwest of Timmins, Ontario in Montcalm, Watson and Belford Townships, Porcupine Mining Division, Ontario.
local time on tuesday, august 15, 2017, at the community building located at 132 montcalm street, ticonderoga, ny.