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 (mŏn-to͝o′, môN-tœ′), Pierre 1875-1964.
French-born American conductor of many major orchestras. He was noted as an interpreter of 20th-century music.


(French mɔ̃tø)
(Biography) Pierre (pjɛr). 1875–1964, US conductor, born in France


(mɒnˈtœ, mɔ̃-)

Pierre, 1875–1964, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in France.
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Let Pierre Monteux stand for all: "I had before me, simply, a man of genius, a conductor such as I had never seen in my life, a true revelation in the art of conducting and interpretation.
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We hope to see even more participants from the various mission systems for a more sustainable showcase," said Philippe Monteux, Head of Region, Southeast Asia & Pacific, Airbus Helicopters.
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Only the preternatural calm of conductor Pierre Monteux saved the premiere from collapsing entirely.
LF: Schnabel was presented with the possibility of teaching me by two conductors--the then conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, Pierre Monteux and Alfred Hertz, who was Monteux's predecessor.
Monteux (el director) lanzaba miradas afligidas a Diaghilev, quien sentado en el palco de honor, le hacia senales para proseguir la ejecucion.
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Brusilow's tumultuous relationships with Pierre Monteux, George Szell, and Eugene Ormandy shaped his early career.