Moon's age

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the time that has elapsed since the last preceding conjunction of the sun and moon.

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The result is an independent check on other estimates for the moon's age, and it suggests that the asteroid belt can provide important clues to the timing and nature of major events in the inner solar system when planets were forming.
Commissioned by King Henry VIII in 1540 and created by French clockmaker Nicholas Oursain, Keeper of the King's Clocks, the astronomical clock tells the hour, month, day of the month, position of the sun, zodiac signs, phases of the moon, the moon's age in days, and the time of high water at London Bridge Matt Alexander/PA Wire
The moon's age will be of 36 hours on October 6 and for moon sighting the moon should be of 31 hours", Met Department said.
Scientists propose this geologic activity occurred less than 50 million years ago, which is considered recent compared to the moon's age of more than 4.
For now, the mystery of the moon's age remains unsolved, joining another lingering puzzle regarding the satellite's past: why the hemispheres are so different.
While that seems ancient in human terms, it is less than a quarter of the Moon's age of more than four billion years.
Together with the exceedingly important date indicator, displays of the moon's age and phase adorn this sporty chronograph's massive sterling silver dial, above which a domed, scratch-resistant, antireflective sapphire crystal arches protectively.
The grain sets limits on the moon's age, according to Dianne Taylor of the University of California, Los Angeles, who has studied similar samples.
A change in the Moon's age of 70 million years--less than 2%--might not seem like a big deal.
And since the Moon's age at the arc's optimum viewing point in Louisiana is given as 14.