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also moon cake  (mo͞on′kāk′)
A small dense pastry filled with bean paste, ground lotus seeds, or other ingredients, traditionally eaten during the Chinese moon festival.

[Translation of Mandarin yuèbǐng (yuè, moon + bǐng, flatbread, cake) and its equivalents in other varieties of Chinese, such as Cantonese jyut6 beng2.]


(ˈmuːnkeɪk) or

moon cake

(Cookery) a type of cake that is eaten during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.
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Instead of moon cakes as prizes, I prepared simple snacks and art supplies.
Also known as the Moon Festival, the festival features sweet pastries called moon cakes.
People usually celebrate the festival with moon cakes filled with red beans.
Equipped with lanterns, they head outdoors to take in the night sky holding the full moon while eating moon cakes.
This is the day when family members gather together to offer sacrifice to the moon, appreciate it and eat moon cakes.
Thanks to its distinct taste like no other, a famous brand of moon cakes or "Banh Nuong" has become known worldwide.
In 2012, the cross-divisional BEA Volunteer Team was established to manage the Bank s staff volunteering programme, which has included the distribution of moon cakes, children s books, and New Year s candies to needy groups in the community, and Christmas parties for the disabled.
She could hardly miss the annual Festival of the Moon, an occasion for families to gather and watch the full moon while eating moon cakes and re-telling old lunar myths and legends.
Le said a special table will be dedicated to the sampling of various types of moon cakes, a traditional food that he said no proper Moon Festival would be without.
They'll be serving moon cakes this month, celebrating China's mid-autumn festival.
On 17 September, join in the festivities with traditional moon cakes that come in a variety of flavours.
There will be moon cakes in many an Eastern household tonight to mark the Chinese Moon Festival, a celebration of love and friendship of all kinds.