n.1.A female Moor; a Moorish woman.
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His impregnation of the Mooress may have been meant to evoke a real-life incident in London.
For the issue of an immigrant coloured minority becoming the national scapegoat for an economic problem and Shakespeare's ironic response to this issue through the figures of Launcelot and the Mooress in The Merchant of Venice see Kim F.
The son of a cross-cultural marriage between an Englishman stationed in the Azores and a native Mooress, Prynne had entered the service of Dom Antonio as interpreter.
She "was the fairest" of the three, obviously a fair-skinned Mooress, and "empresse ouer the rest," having "the supreame commaund of the kinges house," the magnificent and sumptuous Badi (the Marvel), which Ahmad al-Mansur had built in emulation of the Alhambra.