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n.1.One of a class of Mohammedans in Malabar.
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Malabar, the land spooned by Arabian Sea and shielded by the Western Ghats is home to the piquant Moplah cuisine.
The Moplah cuisine of the Malabar region has a distinct flavour, borrowed from the traders who regularly visited the region.
His role in the Khilafat movement and over the Moplah (Muslim) rebellion has been heavily criticized.
In Duravastha, Asan tells the story of a Nambudiri lady - Savitri - who lost her kith and kin in the Moplah rebellion (1921) and takes shelter in the hut of a Harijan - Chathan.
It's the Moplah Biryani, a classic of Kerala Muslim cuisine.
Rasheed is said to be India's best-known Moplah cook.
Hindu publicists (5) saw in the Khilafat movement and the Moplah rebellion of Malabar (6) the threat of a united and militant Muslim population poised to wipe out the Hindus and their culture.
As far back as the 1630s, saltpeter from Madurai had been sent to the minor ports of Tuticorin and Kayalpatnam to be traded, probably by Moplah and Lubbai peddlers, across the Ghats to Malabar and Goa.