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With the growth of this movement, Francis Kerr-Jarrett attempted to co-opt one section by exposing them to the ideas and literature of the Moral Rearmament Movement.
Symptoms of crisis included Cellorigo's Politica necessaria y util restauracion (1600); continuous rebellions in the Spanish Netherlands (1566-1648), calling for costly and exhausting military intervention; upsurge of significant Protestant communities in Valladolid, seat of the royal court 1601-1609, and in other important cities; the expulsion of the moriscos (1609); administrative reforms; formation of the Junta de Reformacion de las Costumbres (1622) as an instrument of moral rearmament of the public; British attack on Cadiz (1626); aggressive foreign politics during the rule of Count-Duke of Olivares, the king's privado from 1621 to 1643; third bankruptcy of the state (in 1627, first two bankruptcies in 1557 and 1575); and Spain's intervention in the Thirty Years' War.
Alexander Smith, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and convert to Frank Buchman's Moral Rearmament movement, documents Smith's diary entries recording daily communications from God on specific foreign policy issues.
He was thrashed in the Wimbledon final by American Don Budge, winning only four games in the entire match, and promptly quit the sport to concentrate on working for the faith-based Moral Rearmament movement.
We have been dubious of moral rearmament, Christian perfectionism, church-growth schemes, and alienated mentalities.
Moreover, in this aforementioned epilogue, Podhoretz takes great pains to show that there is no utility in converting the prophets into latter-day spokesmen for moral rearmament.
He likened himself to a close friend's eccentric uncle, a Moral Rearmament preacher and self-described evangelist; Indeed, McCahon dedicated a major painting to him.