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(ˌmɔːdəˈkaɪ; ˈmɔːdəˌkaɪ)
1. (Biography) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)
2. (Bible) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)


(ˈmɔr dɪˌkaɪ, -ˌxaɪ)

the cousin of Esther who delivered the Jews from the destruction planned by Haman. Esther 2–8.
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Founded in 2015 by Israel-born entrepreneurs Ofir and his partner Eran Mordechay, Corsica Innovations employs a 9-person team in Tel Aviv and in Boulder, Colorado.
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He acquired the loan on the building after the club failed to pay backrent and renew its liquor license and later worked out a deal with the previous building owner, Mordechay Movtady of Kings Point, to purchase the deed for an undisclosed amount.
The Commission further acknowledged the exemplary service of Their Excellencies Abp Antonio FRANCO and Ambassador Mordechay LEWY on the occasion of their retirement.
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Mordechay Zisser, who controls the company, is seeking a settlement to cover the ILS900m that is owed by Europe Israel MMS to the bank.
Los acontecimientos en la entonces Capitania General van tomando fuerza y a raiz de la perdida de la Primera Republica y la Capitulacion de Miranda (16), Simon Bolivar (17) se fue a la isla donde recibe el apoyo de destacados curazolenos, entre ellos Mordechay Ricardo, quien no solo le brindo alojamiento y colaboro con el posterior traslado a Cartagena, sino que dos anos mas tarde recibio a las hermanas del Libertador que huian de los crimenes y atropellos del barbaro realista Boves (18), alojandolas en una casa donde actualmente funciona la sede de la Sociedad Bolivariana de Curazao.
Ambassador Mordechay Lewy acknowledged the paradox, saying the living memory of Auschwitz's blue death stamps added another layer to Jewish aversion to tattooing, which many orthodox rabbis forbid because it alters the human body as a divine creation.
Sede, Mordechay Lewy, a titulo postumo, al jesuita italiano Raffaele de Ghantuz Cubbe.
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These were Mordechay Zisser, Elbit's executive president and controlling shareholder, and Shimon Yitzhaki, Elbit's executive chairman of the board of directors.
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