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(ˌmɔːdəˈkaɪ; ˈmɔːdəˌkaɪ)
1. (Biography) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)
2. (Bible) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)


(ˈmɔr dɪˌkaɪ, -ˌxaɪ)

the cousin of Esther who delivered the Jews from the destruction planned by Haman. Esther 2–8.
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magazine, MiN New York, Mordekai, and Mateo hosted "Dark Apothecarium" in the Club Room of the Soho Grand hotel on Halloween.
Wearing a flowing patterned robe, his dreadlocks pulled back with a shawl draped over his head and shoulders, her grandfather Moreh Mordekai Gordon spoke in a Jamaican accent to those assembled at the small Mount Horeb congregation, perched on a hill not far from the elevated train.
Gaga got around in a Louis Vuitton wheelchair and a 24-carat gold-plated "chariot" made by luxury brand Mordekai, basically the Rolls-Royce of wheelchairs.
credibly " Gaga got around in a Louiswheelchair and a 24-carat gold "chariot" made by luxury brand Mordekai.
She asked luxury brand Mordekai to make her a 24-carat gold plated "chariot", which she affectionately nicknamed 'Emma'.
Gaga has commissioned Ken Borochov of the luxury brand Mordekai to create the one-of-a-kind wheelchair, the New York Post reported.
Andrews, questioned Ken Borochov, the visionary behind the Mordekai brand, about his expanding jewelry line's popularity among the younger demographic, he wasn't too keen about the line's faddish perception.