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n. pl. Mo·ris·cos or Mo·ris·coes
A Spanish Moor who converted to Christianity after the Reconquista.

[Spanish, from Moro, Moor, from Latin Maurus; see Moor.]

Mo·ris′co adj.


(məˈrɪskəʊ) or


n, pl -cos or -coes
1. (Peoples) a Spanish Moor
2. (Dancing) a morris dance
(Architecture) another word for Moorish
[C16: from Spanish, from Moro Moor]


(məˈrɪs koʊ)

n., pl. -cos, -coes.
a member of the Muslim communities of Spain that continued to practice Islam secretly after its proscription.
[1540–50; < Sp, =mor(o) Moor + -isco adj. suffix]
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53) It is no accident that Maria fantasizes herself as a bereaved Moorish woman while Albert, upon his secret return home, disguises himself as a Moor, and that she attempts to moderate the hatred of the Moresco widow, Alhadra, for her Christian persecutors, just as Albert refuses Alhadra's invitation to lead the Morescoes in a vengeful revolution.
The Freebooter's Bride; or, The Black Pirate of the Mediterranean, Including the Mystery of the Morescoes.