Morgan City

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Noun1.Morgan City - a town in southeast Louisiana to the south of Baton RougeMorgan City - a town in southeast Louisiana to the south of Baton Rouge
Louisiana, Pelican State, LA - a state in southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
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established in 1948 and headquartered in Morgan City, Louisiana, designs, builds and overhauls tugboats, ferries, liftboats, barges, offshore supply vessels and other steel and aluminum products for both the commercial and government markets.
The Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District ( MCHTD ) is soliciting proposals from qualified contractors for the following four projects: (1) integration of CAD with security equipment and systems owned by the MCHTD, including the Visual Electronics Transmission (VETS) and Touch-Assisted Command-and-Control System (TACCS); (2) upgrade and maintenance of current MCHTD security equipment and visual & electronic transmission systems; (3) maintenance of its Port of Morgan City Regional Collaboration Network ( PMCRCN ) equipment and systems owned by the MCHTD; and (4) maintenance and annual services of its Touch-Assisted Command-and-Control System (TACCS).
com)-- Morgan City Computer Repair has introduced the first Freelance service program that offers the repair of personal computers, virus removal services, in home or in-shop networking support, and a wide variety of other IT support services.
The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority was in Morgan City recently, and approved more than USD760m in projects designed to protect coastal residents.
A Hurricane Warning is in effect from east of Morgan City, Louisiana to Destin, Fla.
The hurricane center said a warning remains in effect from east of Morgan City, Louisiana, to the Mississippi-Alabama border, and a watch is in effect between Morgan City and Intracoastal City, Louisiana.
The Miami-based National Hurricane Center said the storm's center was about 80 miles (129 km) west of Morgan City, Louisiana, with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph (72 kph).
Summary: The oil-and-seafood hub of Morgan City has been hit by one disaster after another, from hurricanes to the BP oil spill.
Butch Frazier was appointed CEO of 157-bed Teche Regional Medical Center in Morgan City, La.
Bobby Jindal recently joined Morgan City Mayor Tim Matte and InterMoor Inc.
Both the fabrication yards of Jebel Ali as well as Morgan City had zero Loss Time Incidents (LTIs).
Robert Moore, pastor of Morgan City Baptist Church, officiated in the double-ring ceremony.