n.1.(Ethnol.) A Moor.
In vain the Turks and Morians armed be.
- Fairfax.
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Diana Morian was promoted [C]Cash Management Manager and has worked the last fifteen years at FNBA.
As a result, Yasir son of Muhammad Afzal resident of Village Jabar Morian Tehsil who is said to be interested in female shot her dead and then committed suicide.
Kaieteur Records founder and president Michael Morian attributes the song's rising popularity to the dedication of Kimik X.
Hopedale's Morian Hodgens and Katie Rizzo each had hat tricks.
Malcolm Morian (3), Lewis Teasdale and Jack Errington (2) netted for Roofing with Gary Mitchell (2), Harrison Davies (2) and Tom Bligh replying for Norton.
HEX-WILLIAMS Morian Peacefully after a short illness at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff on Dec 14, Morian, formerly of Gladstone Rd, Barry and Jenner Rd, Barry; Morian will be sadly missed by all his friends and staff at The Waverly Care Home, Penarth where he spent the last 9 happy years of his life.
The likeminded of Aabpara, Shahzad town, Bara Kahu, Chattha Bakhtawar, Rawal town, Jagyot, Morian and other adjoining areas told that there is no qualified doctors available at all civil dispensaries of remote areas due to which the residents are in dire difficulties.
El oriente, el tlahuiztlampa, la casa del sol, ya que cuando se inicia, se inicia saludando al oriente, y el cihuatlampa, el lugar de las mujeres, las mujeres muertas en parto acompanaban al sol, una vez que morian en parto se convertian en cihuateteos, mujeres muertas en parto, acompanaban al sol a hacer su recorrido hasta las 12 del dia.
Morian Morgan begged parents to stop their kids playing violent video games in a bid to halt the shocking behaviour.
Goals from Hudson (2), Amos (2) and Morian secured the Mill's victory.
It merits mentioning here that NA-49 comprises Bara Kahu, Tarlai, Sohan, Charah, Tameer, Phulgaran, Karpakaree, Taramri, Chak Shahzad, Chattha Bukhtawar, Margalla Town, Rawal Town and Morian and other areas.
The First Minister was welcomed to Engage Training's new premises at Morian House on the Bridgend Industrial Estate by principal Mark Jones and Andrew Whitcombe, director of skills and business development.