a.1.Pertaining to, or derived from, fustic (see Morin); as, moric acid.
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This powerful first novel explores the history of Croatia and its diaspora from World War II to the present through the Moric family on a fictional island, Rosmarina.
Minkova, Donka-Robert Stockwell 1992 "Homorganic clusters as moric busters in the history of English: The case of -ld, -nd, -mb", in: Matti Rissanen et al.
The diminutive creative midfielder would be a welcome addition to any squad, though, like Moric, there will be questions as to how he would fit into Real's starting lineup.
Buvanendran A, Kroin JS, Della Valle CJ, Kari M, Moric M, Tuman KJ.
The second conductor at the National Theatre Moric Anger promptly informed Dvorak that " .
The trend is worrisome, and studies to identify the causes of methadone-related morbidity and mortality--as well as potential solutions to the problem--are critically needed, said Mario Moric, Ph.
Setting more reasonable restrictions on patients taking chronic opioids could greatly improve their quality of life, coinvestigator Mario Moric, Ph.
Centre Rhodri Moric sealed the victory after the break with a brace of tries, while there were other touchdowns from his brother and wing Richard Moric, full-back Matthew Green and second row Neil Leather.
lt;<The Effectiveness of Public Participation in Forest Management: A Case Study Analysis of the Moric Innovative Forest Practices Agreement>>.
David," said my cousin and closed his eyes, "Isaak, Daniel, Nara, Jakov, Moric, Leon, Samuilo, Ruben, Rafael, Haim, Solomon, Ilija, Josif, Marko, Mosa, Avram.
Croatian supermodel Nina Moric sizzled down the catwalk in a boned basque and red satin camisole knickers.
The lack of distinction in vowel length constitutes, in his view, a problem for poetry, since it makes the language unreceptive to the dicta of moric meter, or matrik chand, in which vowel length plays a major role.