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prop. n.1.(Bot.) A genus of trees of Southern India and Northern Africa. One species (Moringa pterygosperma) is the horse-radish tree, and its seeds, as well as those of Moringa aptera, are known in commerce as ben or ben nuts, and yield the oil called oil of ben.
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This project will utilize applied research findings to maximize the benefits of Moringa oleifera to produce Moringa Bio-gel as an alternative source of energy for household cooking in the community in order to reduce the carbon di-oxide generated from burning firewood This will be achieved through conservation of Biodiversity by planting an additional 500,000 Moringa trees on the cooperative farmland at Ijaiye Ile by the Women Farmer co-operative which was set up in Ijaiye with a start up grant from the Virginia Gildersleeve Fund and VIDSA MULTIVENTURES LIMITED, to serve as a raw material base for the Bio-gel production Laboratory that will be established.
The Moringa Oleifera tree is widely acclaimed for its nutritional and medicinal value.
Leucaena leucocephala (LLM) and Moringa oleifera (MOLM) are among the leaf meals that could be used as feed alternatives for commercial livestock in the tropics (Abou-Elezz et al.
You might know Moringa oleifera by a different name, like benzolive tree, drumstick tree, horseradish-tree, West Indian ben, murungai, ben-oil tree or moringa.
Drumming up selenium and sulphur in Africa: improving nutrition with Moringa oleifera.
The Moringa oleifera tree is long known to rural Haitians for its nutritious leaves eaten raw or added to soup, said Hugh Locke, President of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), when announcing a commercial Moringa production study in Haiti.
The leaves of Moringa oleifera plant were collected from Nibo in Awka south L.
The flame retardancy and biodegradability of starch-based film has been enhanced by using the gum obtained from the plant Moringa Oleifera [7], Similar improvement in flame retardancy and adhesiveness has been reported by Ghosh and Maiti by blending polymer derived from M.
Moringa oleifera seeds can be used as a natural coagulant (primary coagulant) in household water treatment as well as in the community water treatment systems.
The project uses green energy and a chemical-free treatment; it will transport water using a solar energy-based pump, treat the water with a low-cost method that uses Moringa oleifera seeds which can be found locally, and then further disinfects the water using the SODIS method-Solar Water Disinfection.
Moringa oleifera (MO) seed protein is one of the most extensively studied natural coagulants it possesses remarkable coagulation and antimicrobial activity (Suarez et al.
Washington, March1 ( ANI ): Scientists have turned to Moringa oleifera, also called the "miracle tree" - a plant grown in equatorial regions for food, traditional medicine and biofuel - to economically produce clean drinking water in developing countries.