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prop. n.1.(Bot.) A genus of trees of Southern India and Northern Africa. One species (Moringa pterygosperma) is the horse-radish tree, and its seeds, as well as those of Moringa aptera, are known in commerce as ben or ben nuts, and yield the oil called oil of ben.
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It is the most widely cultivated species of a monogeneric family; the Moringaceae is native to the sub-Himalayan tracts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
Moringa oleifera is the best known of the thirteen species of the genus Moringa and the family moringaceae [15].
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Moringa oleifera (MO), commonly called 'drumstick' belongs to family Moringaceae, a multipurpose tree found almost all over the Asian and African countries and its fruit and leaves are consumed as food by the people.
Ontogenetic origins of floral bilateral symmetry in Moringaceae (Brassicales).
Belonging to the genus Moringaceae, Moringa Oleifera is a well known ancient plant recently acknowledged as a multi-purpose tree with a tremendous variety of potential uses.