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n. pl. Mo·ris·cos or Mo·ris·coes
A Spanish Moor who converted to Christianity after the Reconquista.

[Spanish, from Moro, Moor, from Latin Maurus; see Moor.]

Mo·ris′co adj.


(məˈrɪskəʊ) or


n, pl -cos or -coes
1. (Peoples) a Spanish Moor
2. (Dancing) a morris dance
(Architecture) another word for Moorish
[C16: from Spanish, from Moro Moor]


(məˈrɪs koʊ)

n., pl. -cos, -coes.
a member of the Muslim communities of Spain that continued to practice Islam secretly after its proscription.
[1540–50; < Sp, =mor(o) Moor + -isco adj. suffix]
References in classic literature ?
He joined company with the Moriscoes who were going forth from other villages, for he knew their language very well, and on the voyage he struck up a friendship with my two uncles who were carrying me with them; for my father, like a wise and far-sighted man, as soon as he heard the first edict for our expulsion, quitted the village and departed in quest of some refuge for us abroad.
In a letter to the commander of the English fleet in the Mediterranean, he wrote that "All Africa both Moores, Jewes, and all others (especially the Moriscoes or Andaluze)" rejoiced at his coming and prayed for his "good successe" against the Catholic adversaries (SP 71/1/103).
Harrison wrote again in October 1630 assuring King Charles that he "might easelie also draw in Sallie (togither with all the Moriscoes or Andaluzes who inhabite there) under your Majesties governement, having taken Your Majesty already for their chieffe protector, notwithstandinge so manie wrongs don them one after an other by our ships at sea, whereof they only complayne" (Cenival and Brissac 3:127).
3) Such forgetfulness continued until 1702 when Michael Geddes, a lawyer and chancellor of the church of Sarum/Salisbury, wrote a detailed study about "The History of the Expulsion of the Moriscoes out of Spain, in the Reign of Philip III.
Morgan explained that during his travels in North Africa, and while in Tunis in 1719, he came across a treatise "written in Spanish and Arabick, in the year MDCIII for the Instruction of the Moriscoes in Spain.