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n. pl. Moro or Mo·ros
1. A member of any of the predominantly Muslim Malay peoples of the southern Philippines.
2. Any of the Austronesian languages of the Moro.

[Spanish, Moor, Muslim, Moro, from Latin Maurus, Moor; see Moor.]


npl -ros or -ro
1. (Peoples) a member of a group of predominantly Muslim peoples of the S Philippines: noted for their manufacture of weapons
2. (Languages) the language of these peoples, belonging to the Malayo-Polynesian family
[C19: via Spanish from Latin Maurus Moor]


(Italian ˈmɔːro)
(Biography) Aldo (ˈaldo). 1916–78, Italian Christian Democrat statesman; prime minister of Italy (1963–68; 1974–76) and minister of foreign affairs (1965–66; 1969–72; 1973–74). He negotiated the entry of the Italian Communist Party into coalition government before being kidnapped by the Red Brigades in 1978 and murdered


(ˈmɔr oʊ, ˈmoʊr oʊ)

n., pl. -ros.
a member of any of a number of Muslim peoples of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines.
[< Sp < Latin Maurus Moor]
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Noun1.Moro - a member of the predominantly Muslim people in the southern PhilippinesMoro - a member of the predominantly Muslim people in the southern Philippines
Mindanao - the second largest island of the Philippines at the southern end of the archipelago; mountainous and volcanic
Filipino - a native or inhabitant of the Philippines
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Duke Lodovico was Lodovico Moro, a son of Francesco Sforza, who married Beatrice d'Este.
Major organization : AYUNTAMIENTO DE SANT JOAN DE MORO (P1214400B)
The PDMA has established a Tent City, in Moro, he said .
According to MILF Joint Normalisation Committee (JNC) head secretariat Toks Ebrahim, the formation of the first JPST was concrete proof of the gains of the peace negotiations between the government and the Moro rebels.
The 42-year-old, telegenic Moro and a group of nine prosecutors in the southern city of Curitiba, where much of the investigation is carried out, have become celebrities.
202 km transmission line will be constructed from Jamshoro to Moro under Lot -I, whereas 232 km long transmission from Dadu - Moro to Goth Qazi Mahar under Lot-II and 166 km transmission line will be constructed from Goth Qazi Mahar to Rahim Yar Khan under Lot -III.
While speaking to M AIL T ODAY , Moro, who will be one of the speakers at this year's Jaipur Literature Festival where he is looking forward to helping readers know the ' Gandhi bahu' as they have never known before, said, " Banning books is an exercise that Indian politicians are very good at and love to do.
Un plat irresistible qu'El Moro a pu fideliser depuis les annees 70.
At birth an infant has very few resources to understand any sensory information and the Moro startle reflex allows the infant to instantly respond to threat.
The 200 armed Moro rebels stormed into five coastal villages and seized scores of residents to use as human shields as hundreds of elite army troops and police, backed by tanks, helicopters and navy gunboats, surrounded them.
Archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo, director of San Jose De Moro archaeological site, documents the tomb of a priestess from the Moche culture recently excavated and found at San Jose de Moro in Trujillo, on August 2.
Perolino concentra la sua analisi sugli scritti arbasiniani relativi al caso Moro, istituendo un interessante confronto con L'affaire Moro di Leonardo Sciascia.