Moro reflex

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Noun1.Moro reflex - a normal reflex of young infants; a sudden loud noise causes the child to stretch out the arms and flex the legs
startle, jump, start - a sudden involuntary movement; "he awoke with a start"

Mo·ro re·flex

n. reflejo de Moro, movimiento de sorpresa del neonato de reflejo instantáneo al estrechar las manos y brazos.
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The FPR is meant to integrate into the Moro reflex response by about 12 weeks in utero.
When there is sensory stimulation, such as a loud noise, the Moro reflex is activated in the baby and she will reflexively fling her head back and her arms and legs away from the body and take a big breath.
Moro reflex If your baby's startled, she will throw out her arms and legs as if to catch hold of something.