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Noun1.Morone - carnivorous fresh and salt water fishesMorone - carnivorous fresh and salt water fishes
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Serranidae, Serranidae - marine fishes: sea basses; sea perches; groupers; jewfish
Morone americana, white perch, silver perch - small silvery food and game fish of eastern United States streams
Morone interrupta, yellow bass - North American freshwater bass resembling the larger marine striped bass
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Effect of dietary protein, lipid and carbohydrate content on the growth, feed efficiency and carcass composition of striped bass, Morone saxatillis (Walbaum), fingerlings.
Joesph Morone M'09, Diana Brazzell, and Jon Warman are the founders of Footnote, an online media outlet that showcases academic expertise.
Iosa M, Morone G, Bragoni M, De Angelis D, Venturiero V, Coiro P, Pratesi L, Paolucci S.
Il cardinal Giovanni Morone e l'ultima fase del concilio di Trento.
WORCESTER Mary (Laudone) Morone, 99, of Worcester passed away peacefully Saturday, November 27th, 2010 with family by her side.
If we are truly entering a knowledge economy, say Morone (U.
President and CEO Joe Morone said, "Quarter one 2008 results were depressed by a slowdown in all of our North American operations, except for Engineered Composites.
They are Lepisosteus osseus, Ctenopharyngodon idella, Cyprinella whipplei, Hypophthalmichthys nobilis, Notropis stramineus, Hypentelium nigricans, Ictalurus punctatus, Gambusia affinis, Labidesthes sicculus, Morone chrysops, Ammocrypta pellucida, Etheostoma chlorosoma, Percina phoxocephala, and Aplodinotus grunniens.
An ongoing epizootic of mycobacteriosis has been reported among striped bass, Morone saxatilis (1), in the Chesapeake Bay, one of the largest and most productive estuaries in North America.
The indefatigable team of Massimo Firpo and Dario Marcatto, having completed their six-volume edition of the Processo Morone, have turned to another holy grail of even longer-standing interest: the case of Pietro Carnesecchi.