Morris chair

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Morris chair

A large reclining chair with arms and removable cushions.

[After William Morris.]

Morris chair

(Furniture) an armchair with an adjustable back and large cushions
[C19: named after William Morris]

Mor′ris chair`

a large armchair with an adjustable back and removable cushions.
[1895–1900; after William Morris]

morris chair

A large easy chair with an adjustable back and big loose cushions.
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Noun1.morris chair - an armchair with an adjustable backMorris chair - an armchair with an adjustable back
armchair - chair with a support on each side for arms
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When the cure was accomplished, she led him into the parlor, where, by the open window, they succeeded in occupying the same Morris chair.
Though a stranger in the house he finally isolated himself in the midst of the company, huddling into a capacious Morris chair and reading steadily from a thin volume he had drawn from his pocket.
Area manufacturers donated rockers, Morris chairs, tricycles, doll carriages and baby carriages to the players and their families at between-games ceremonies.
Liverpool-born Roy Morris chairs the partnership, which has 36 partners.
Inside, there are many tasteful design touches: generous use of mountain hemlock as wood accents, Arts and Crafts lamps outside each room, Morris chairs in sitting areas, black-and-white photos of the early days of Mammoth's skiing days, simple baskets of pine cones.

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