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 (môr′ĭs-toun′, mŏr′-)
A town of northern New Jersey west-northwest of Newark. The Continental Army encamped here during the winters of 1776-1777 and 1779-1780.


(ˈmɔr ɪsˌtaʊn, ˈmɒr-)

a city in N New Jersey: Washington's winter headquarters 1776–77, 1779–80. 16,614.
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Noun1.Morristown - a town in northern New Jersey where the Continental Army spent two wintersMorristown - a town in northern New Jersey where the Continental Army spent two winters
Garden State, Jersey, New Jersey, NJ - a Mid-Atlantic state on the Atlantic; one of the original 13 colonies
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A young fellow, a tobacco pedlar by trade, was on his way from Morristown, where he had dealt largely with the Deacon of the Shaker settlement, to the village of Parker's Falls, on Salmon River.
After an early breakfast at Morristown, the tobacco pedlar, whose name was Dominicus Pike, had travelled seven miles through a solitary piece of woods, without speaking a word to anybody but himself and his little gray mare.
Dominicus was now on the Kimballton turnpike, having all along determined to visit that place, though business had drawn him out of the most direct road from Morristown.
He was a member of the historic Vail family of Morristown, New Jersey, which had operated the Speedwell Iron Works for four or five generations.
com)-- Pediatric Dental Associates, Morristown has a "Name our Elephant" Facebook Contest & Giveaway.
Team Technologies plays a key role in Tennessees thriving health care sector and Im pleased to see it continue to invest in Hamblen County and the Morristown community.
Vision Real Estate Partners secured a $19 million loan for its Class A Morristown office building, 1776 On the Green.
Walters State Community College, Morristown, Tennessee.
KINGS FOOD MARKETS has partnered with Grow It Green Morristown, a Morristown, NJ.
and was a graduate of Morristown High School and Kean University in Union, N.
The Chapter kicked off its season with a November 18 Full-Day Fall Seminar at the Hyatt Morristown.
BMW of Morristown is one of the NJ BMW dealers proud to announce BMW has won several Kelley Blue Book 2011 Resale Value awards, and in celebration, the dealership will be offering lower lease payments