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adv.1.In a mortifying manner.
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Welland said, "let poor Ellen find her own level"--and that, mortifyingly and incomprehensibly, was in the dim depths where the Blenkers prevailed, and "people who wrote" celebrated their untidy rites.
The detached pseudo-reality they are trying to sell us dictates that Britain is a much more prosperous place, but this hoax is mortifyingly exposed by their own stats and those from external agencies.
She added: "I mean, why buy them in the first place if you agree they are mortifyingly embarrassing and why the f*** get into bed with the Queen of the f***ing damned wearing them?
Bujalski sheepish drifters are mortifyingly tongue-tied.
People are mortifyingly embarrassed about this, but there's no reason why you can't do it in B&Q either.