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adv.1.In a mortifying manner.
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Welland said, "let poor Ellen find her own level"--and that, mortifyingly and incomprehensibly, was in the dim depths where the Blenkers prevailed, and "people who wrote" celebrated their untidy rites.
When they try out for the school play -- a spirited production of Merrily We Roll Along -- Julie turns out to be better at acting and Lady Bird is mortifyingly given a non-speaking part in the chorus.
The Throw Away box also has clear instructions to friends and family that if something unforeseen happens, these personal relics are to be destroyed and not mortifyingly read aloud at your funeral.
I miss that delayed gratification, though, of finding out later what was on the photos I got back, not knowing whether they would be underexposed, out of focus or just plain mortifyingly embarrassing.
More mortifyingly still, Teddy's former Delta Psi brothers all appear to have grown up faster than he has.
The detached pseudo-reality they are trying to sell us dictates that Britain is a much more prosperous place, but this hoax is mortifyingly exposed by their own stats and those from external agencies.
She added: "I mean, why buy them in the first place if you agree they are mortifyingly embarrassing and why the f*** get into bed with the Queen of the f***ing damned wearing them?
Bujalski sheepish drifters are mortifyingly tongue-tied.