Mortise and tenon

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(Carp.) made with a mortise and tenon; joined or united by means of a mortise and tenon; - used adjectively.

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IDI says its cabinet doors are glued with pins inserted at each joint and the mitered doors feature a true mortise and tenon joint.
Knee braces are important structural elements in timber bents constructed with round mortise and tenon joints, as shown in Figure 1, not only because they provide resistance to horizontal wind loads (Karlsen 1967) but also because they can improve distribution of forces in the frame and permit the use of wider spans.
Mortise and tenon is one of the oldest ways of joining two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle.
The mortise and tenon assembly pins are decorative in appearance, yet create a strong and secure assembly.
The solid wood mortise and tenon Gable and Trinity door styles available in Oak, Quartersawn Oak, Maple and Cherry are the headliners of the collection and evoke a strong sense of the Prairie school of architecture emphasizing natural materials, texture, form and authentic style.
The rational design of furniture constructed with round mortise and tenon joints requires that moment rotation connector factors be known for the joints.
Its motto is, 'If it needs to be cut, drilled, glued or doweled, we have a machine to do it,' Its MMTJ miter, mortise and tenon machine was an IWF 2004 Challengers Award winner.
The all-wood frame consists of rugged interlocking, mortise and tenon construction.
Cyclic tests were conducted to determine the strength and durability of two types of school work tables designed for use in developing countries which were constructed with round mortise and tenon joints.
The blind mortise and tenon joint is fully customizable for size and position of the tenon and mortise.
Limited tests were conducted to obtain estimates of the semirigid connection factors for rectangular mortise and tenon joints of a size that might be used in light timber frame construction.
A machine that combines miter, mortise and tenon work into one space-saving unit.