n.1.See Morrow.
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In the ladies' category in the 60kg class, Aratwa Kasemang of UB won 3-0 against Keamogetse Kenosi of DTCB, Gorata Morwe of Ghanzi beat Gosaitse Nkepe 2-1 of EMG in the 51kg bout, while Beauty Phori of UB won by a walk rule against Rhodah Monna of Glen Valley.
The parastal's Tau Morwe has been speaking at the African Maritime Domain Conference in Port Elizabeth, a three-day event which seeks to build policies for the management of Africa's maritime resources.
Myn housbond shall have it bothe eve and morwe, Whan that him list come forth and pay his dette (Chaucer 149-152).
The mere suggestion of the world's finest full back in Phillip Lahm anchoring the Bayern midfield wouldn't have been considered left of field last season, morwe full blown mental.
Such sorowe this lady to her tok That trewly I, that made this book, Had such pittee and such rowthe To rede hir sorwe, that, by my trowthe, I ferde the worse al the morwe Aftir to thenken on hir sorwe.
The acting chief executive of South African rail operator Transnet Freight Rail, Tau Morwe, recently joined MCLI as part of an initiative to increase both rail and road haulage along the route.
For whoso seeth me first on morwe My seyn he hath met with sorwe, For y am sorwe, and sorwe ys y.
205 seconds was morwe than a second quicker than their previous low and sets them up for a race against the fast-improving Danes for the gold.
For morwe information, contact Paul Shambrook on 01744 742039.
SAPO chief operating officer Tau Morwe says the operator is improving efficiencies through partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, customers and the wider business community.
And I ne may, ne nyght ne morwe, Slepe, and thys melancolye And drede I have for to dye.
In one instance, however, MED has a citation from John Lydgate's satirical piece, 'A Ballade of Jak Hare', in which we hear of a slothful lout, 'Wich late at eve and morwe at his rysyng / Ne hath no ioie to do no besynesse, / Saue of a tancard to plukke out the lynyng' (14-16).