Mosaic work

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sometimes they make a mosaic work, of intricate designs, wrought in pebbles or little fragments of marble laid in cement,) and grand salons hung with pictures by Rubens, Guido, Titian, Paul Veronese, and so on, and portraits of heads of the family, in plumed helmets and gallant coats of mail, and patrician ladies in stunning costumes of centuries ago.
The sculpturing and mosaic work were both finely executed, giving evidence of a high degree of artistic skill.
Stuffed birds from Africa, porcelain monsters from China, silver ornaments and utensils from India and Peru, mosaic work from Italy, and bronzes from France, were all heaped together pell-mell with the coarse deal boxes and dingy leather cases which served to pack them for traveling.
The chamber from which our specimen was taken, was said to be very rich in such illustrations; the walls being completely covered with fresco paintings and bas-reliefs, while statues, vases, and Mosaic work of rich patterns, indicated the vast wealth of the deceased.
The stalls of embroided dresses, art work, mosaic work, work on glass and canvas were also arranged in the festival.
President Norah Muirhead introduced Maureen Sharp who demonstrated her mosaic work.
An example of the mosaic work proposed for the new memeorial by Patricia Jones
The church, which was built in 1922, is of Italian design and its interior boasts an extraordinary lavish decorative scheme incorporating extensive mosaic work over the sanctuary.
This was why the government of Punjab was desirous to seek technical support from Turkish archeologists in conservation and restoration of ancient fresco paintings present on the huge 'Picture Wall' of Shahi Qila Lahore and restoration work of mosaic work in all the historical buildings and havelies located in the walled city of Lahore, he added.
the altarpiece of the baptismal chapel is the mosaic work of the uruguayan mosaic of christ the bishop of christ.
A small amount of mosaic work and fine abstract architectural carving has been found.
Fattal's hand is most present in the strokes of paint she has layered into Les Menines, 2008, a collage incorporating a detail of Velazquez's iconic painting with colorful clippings of images, including the light-filled interior of a tiled dome, figurative mosaic work, and tall glasses of orange juice with ice.