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Mo·selle 1

 (mō-zĕl′) also Mo·sel (mō′zəl)
A river rising in the Vosges Mountains of northeast France and flowing about 545 km (340 mi) north then northeast to the Rhine River in western Germany. The German valley of the river is noted for its castles and vineyards.

Mo·selle 2

A light dry white wine produced in the valley of the Moselle River.
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Silicon Valley analytics software firm FICO today announced that Xpress Mosel, the most flexible analytic orchestration, optimization modeling and programming language, is now open to connect to any solver, and is free to use.
The red slate of the Grziger Wurzgarten vineyard (which means 'spice garden') hails from the mid-to-upper Mosel region near the town of Erden, says the Loosen family.
As wine queen, Bahno, who is training for a job at an employment office, will help publicise wine from four Mosel vinyards.
99, Marks & Spencer) unites lovely notes of peach and apricot from the Pflaz region with a steely, mineral streak from the Mosel, to offer freshness on the palate with weighty stone fruit flavours, a hint of spice and a slightly creamy texture and roundness that finishes with wellbalanced acidity.
Grape growing for wine extended along the Nahe River, a major tributary to the Rhine, and farther north along the banks of the Mosel and its two tributaries, the Saar and the Ruwer.
At half the price of scharzhofberger is a generic classic Mosel riesling that shows the quality and balance of fruit and acidity from the late picked grapes.
With my daughter Charlotte and her fianc Nathan, we spent the last four days of our holiday tasting the superb Mosel wines grown in the s teeped in history, and beautiful riverside cycleways let visitors soak up some of the most stunning vineyards in the world.
Mosel Vitelic's executives pointed out that their company agreed LDK's price-hike request in line with excessive demand for the wafers in the first half of 2008.
Mosel Vitelic has signed a five-year agreement with LDK in 2007 to provide silicon wafers.
Make the best use of this time to travel across the country -- check out Baden Baden for its sulphur springs; Mosel for your fill of Riesling, Germany's iconic white wine; and Nuremberg for its lively Christmas market.
Most of Germany's wine-growing regions hug the Rhein and Mosel Rivers and their tributaries setting up an interesting microclimate.
Langguth, which owns the brand, says it plans to launch a single estate wine from the Mosel valley next month.