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n.1.See Mosque.
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The use of two molecule types resembles MoSK but in this technique, molecule type is used for indicating odd and even time slots.
Mosk envisions doctors injecting a dye or other agent to make cancer cells glow inside the body.
As Matthew Mosk of The Washington Post's The Trail points out, "the early overconfidence of those working on Sen.
Circuit, Justice Stanley Mosk of the California Supreme Court, and Judge Myron Bright of the Eighth Circuit, all of whom agreed to write for the inaugural issue.
Meanwhile, the aborted sculpture's economic debris is being sorted out across the corner from Disney Hall at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse.
Wedding and Corsini compile 13 case studies by psychotherapists to accompany and parallel chapters in the eighth edition of their text Current Psychotherapies, including those by Harold Mosk, Carl Rogers, Albert Ellis, David Barlow, Aaron Beck, and Peggy Papp.
126) Moskovskii letopisnyi svod kontsa XV veka (hereafter Mosk.
Photographer Deb Mosk started us on the path with this shot of comedian and author Kate Clinton (known to our readers as "oh great one") toting the November issue to dinner.
Sun and Matthew Mosk, "Metro board member fired for comment on gays," Washington Post, June 16, 2006.
Mosk expressed concern about giving companies "the right to appropriate and exploit a patient's tissue for their sole economic benefit--the right, in other words, to freely mine or harvest valuable physical properties of the patient's body.