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adv. Music
With motion or animation. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, past participle of muovere, to move, from Latin movēre; see meuə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Music, other) music to be performed with rapidity. See also meno mosso
[Italian, past participle of muovere to move]
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De Serio and Mossa (2010, 2014) investigated vertical profiles of the stream-wise velocity of the coastal currents at the Taranto (TA) and Bari (BA) sites in Italy.
Mossa, Sherman and cinematographer Nelson Cragg held to a mantra they repeated from pre-production through post: "We're not making a documentary]'
Assured already of her first ever podium finish on her maiden appearance on foreign soil, Bacyadan, 21, bested Egyptian Walaa Mossa in a 65kg round-of-four tussle.
He was born in Worcester, Massachusetts to the late Oscar and Florence Mossa Richford.
Howard Shapiro, Marica Inoue (illustrator), and Andres Mossa (illustrator); THE HOCKEY SAINT; Animal Media Group (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 13.
Les soirees musicales nocturnes continuent avec une pleiade d'artistes avec Mossa Maher, le rappeur Muslim, Raissa Fadma Tachtoukt qui donneront des concerts sur la meme scene le 24 juin.
Also in attendance as chief guests were Ibrahim Mossa Jamel, director of operations, education cluster at Tecom Investment; Abdulrehman Sami Saqr, senior vice president of the human resources department and head of Emiratisation at First Gulf Bank; and Hamed Kazim, board member of Commercial Bank of Dubai and senior advisor to PwC.
Wojciech Szczesny took a boot to the face for himself as the hosts mounted a counter of their own after Walcott's effort, as the Pole bravely smothered an attempt from Mossa Sow.
Leader of a terrorist group Obeid Hassan Obeid, nicknamed Abi Allaith, and terrorists Mossa al-Khaled, Mustafa Shamir and Osama Zabateh were identified among the dead.
Michelle Mossa, deputy director of research and development at Fazakerley hospital, said: "Clinical trials also give some of our most ill patients the option to try something that isn't otherwise available.
Tamikrest's Ousmane Ag Mossa gave a more Westernised performance, but his bluesy take on desert rock was no less enthralling than the other acts, even if headliner Ngoni Ba stole the show.