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adv. Music
With motion or animation. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, past participle of muovere, to move, from Latin movēre; see meuə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Music, other) music to be performed with rapidity. See also meno mosso
[Italian, past participle of muovere to move]
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The Oman Tennis Association chairman Mutassim Al Zadjali, general secretary Mohammed Al Balushi, board member Mossa Al Mossa, executive manager Salman Al Balushi and former board member Mohammed Al Rasbi welcomed yesterday tennis stalwarts, who excelled at the Islamic Solidarity Games.
Abbas, also known as Mossa, left his wife and two young children behind last year after he was threatened with death, friend Madi said.
Tamikrest's Ousmane Ag Mossa gave a more Westernised performance, but his bluesy take on desert rock was no less enthralling than the other acts, even if headliner Ngoni Ba stole the show.
FIFA standing: 126 Coach: Frank Rijkrd The team: Yaser Al Shahrani, Nasser Al Shamarani, Osama Al Harbi, Naief Hazazi, Nawaf Al Abed, Mansoor Al Harbe, Moataz Al Moosa, Waleed Abdulla Ali, Sultan Al Beshi, Mohammed Al Sahlawi, Yahia Al Shahri, Bader Al Nakhli, Abdulla Al Owisheer, Abdul Aziz Al Dosari, Mustafa Al Bassas, Tayseer Jaber Al Jasim, Fahad Al Mowalad, Rabia' Al Sofyani, Osama Hosawi, Yaser Al Musailem, Isa Al Maihani, Abdul Rahman Jezawi, Kamel Al Mossa, Saudi Kareeri, Ebrahim Jahshan, Hussain Al Muqahwi, Abdul Majeed Al Roweli, Yousif Al Salim, Sultan Al Burqan, Ahmed Ateef, Khalid Al Ghamdi, Aqeel Al Sehbi, Khalid Sharaheli, Salman Al Faraj, Ahmed Asseri.
At this time Ag Mossa was attending a school in Tinza called Les Enfants de I'Adrar, set up by a French NGO and a local man turned community leader called Hama Ag Sid Ahmed.
The suitability of rivers for supporting unionids is a combination of biogeography, physical and chemical characteristics, sediment composition, geology and impacts from watershed land use and discharges (Strayer 1983; Cummings and Mayer 1992; Box and Mossa 1999).
1998b) and places of employment (Weinrich, Boyd, Bradford, Mossa, & Weinrich, 1998a).
But Mossa Dembele's winner with 11 minutes remaining - his second goal of the tie - ensured Ma-Kalambay and his teammates progressed to today's clash in the Shanghai Stadium.
Much like her, her colleague Mohammed al Mossa, marketing and market research assistant director, dealt with questions fired at him with poise and added that he was thoroughly enjoying his role.
From left, Reham Al-hakimi, 6, dancing to traditional music played by Haitham Mossa, 11, her father, Najib, and brother Luay, 13 Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY/ at181207aeid-2
Mr Dinos, who is owned by Constantinos Shiacolas, won six of his 17 starts, on each occasion scoring under a different jockey - Kevin Darley, Jimmy Fortune, Dominique Boeuf and GArald MossA also won on him - and amassed just over pounds 380,000 in prize-money.
See, for instance, Guerrieri, "Il caffettiere 'miracolato"'; See also "Il miracolo elettorale," Rabarbaro, 14 March 1948; "La Madonna di Assisi non si e affatto mossa," L'Unita, 4 March 1948.