Araujia sericofera

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Noun1.Araujia sericofera - robust twining shrub having racemes of fragrant white or pink flowers with flat spreading terminal petals that trap nocturnal moths and hold them until dawn
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
Araujia, genus Araujia - small genus of South American evergreen vines
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As part of the grant, more than six hectares of Oxford Creek in the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment will undergo removal of noxious and aquatic weeds including the Bidens, Cotton Bush, Crofton, Ludwigia, Turkey Rhubarb, Morning Glory, Lantana, Privet, Bamboo, Wild tobacco, Tradescantia, Watsonia, Moth vine, Honeysuckle vine, Madeira vine, Cassia, Coral tree, Blackberry, Asparagus fern, Ginger lily, Pampas grass.