Mother Hubbard

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Mother Hub·bard

A woman's loose, unbelted dress.

[Probably from illustrations of Mother Hubbard, , character in a nursery rhyme by Sarah Catherine Martin (1768-1826), British writer.]

Mother Hubbard

(Clothing & Fashion) (sometimes not capitals) a woman's full-length unbelted dress
[C19: after Mother Hubbard, a character in a nursery rhyme]

Moth′er Hub′bard

(ˈhʌb ərd)
a women's loose gown, usu. fitted at the shoulders.
[1915–20; after a nursery rhyme character]

Mother Hubbard

A loose, baggy dress for women.
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Noun1.Mother Hubbard - a woman's loose unbelted dress
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
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She was dressed usually in a pink Mother Hubbard, and she wore all day long a large straw hat.
Old Mother Hubbard was boosting me to beat the band as a genuine Pomeranian-Hambletonian-Red-Irish-Cochin-China-Stoke-Pogis fox terrier.
Did little maidens' hearts beat the same under pearl-embroidered bodices as they do under Mother Hubbard cloaks?
Shipton, and Mother Hubbard, and Dame Durden, and so many names of that sort that my own name soon became quite lost among them.