motor torpedo boat

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PT boat

a small, fast, lightly armed boat used esp. in World War II for torpedoing enemy shipping.
[1940–45; p(atrol)t(orpedo)]
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Noun1.motor torpedo boat - a small fast unarmored and lightly armed torpedo boatmotor torpedo boat - a small fast unarmored and lightly armed torpedo boat; P(atrol) T(orpedo) boat
torpedo boat - small high-speed warship designed for torpedo attacks in coastal waters
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The E-boat was a thorn in the Navy's side because it outmanoeuvred our Motor Torpedo Boats," he recalled.
Before the landings that marked the beginning of the end of Hitler's reign, he distinguished himself by attacking enemy ships at close range in motor torpedo boats and destroyers.
Granted that some North Vietnamese motor torpedo boats were in the area and used harassing maneuvers, the question is this: Did they actu-' ally fire shells or torpedoes at U.
During the last war I served on motor torpedo boats and was badly wounded three times.
These included a number of fishing trawlers, motor torpedo boats, auxillary patrol boats, guard vessels and also the famous lifeboat "Zeemanshop", which had escaped from Holland carrying 46 Netherlanders, many of them Jewish, to safety.
build motor torpedo boats and landing crafts for the duration of the war.