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A nearly vertical cavity in a glacier through which meltwater from the surface drops into tunnels that are within or beneath the ice.

[French, mill, moulin, from Old French molin, mill, from Late Latin molīnum; see mill1.]


(Physical Geography) a vertical shaft in a glacier, maintained by a constant descending stream of water and debris
[C19: from French: a mill]


(French mulɛ̃)
(Biography) Jean (ʒɑ̃). 1899–1943, French lawyer and Resistance hero; Chairman of the National Council of the Resistance (1943): tortured to death by the Nazis
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In the celebrated Maria of Moulines episode from Tristram Shandy, for example, the technical reversal of perspective between characters and along established lines of sight produces a kind of reflection that issues precisely in mixed feelings--what we recognize as that notorious Sternean lability of tone.
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Shandy who cannot separate the idea of lovemaking from the winding of the clock (21); she is sometimes so thwarted in her desire that she goes mad, as does poor Maria of Moulines.
Contract award: mastery of work of facilities and works for catchment protection of moulines.