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 (mo͞ol-mān′, mōl-) or Maw·la·myine (mou′lə-myīn′, -lä-myīn′)
A city of southern Myanmar (Burma) on the Andaman Sea east of Yangon. The chief town of British Burma from 1826 to 1852, it is a port and commercial center.


(maʊlˈmeɪn) or


(Placename) a port in S Myanmar, near the mouth of the Salween River: exports teak and rice. Pop: 390 000 (2005 est)


(mulˈmeɪn, moʊl-)

a seaport in S Burma at the mouth of the Salween River. 220,000.
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Noun1.Moulmein - a port city of southern Myanmar on the Gulf of Martaban
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He had seen his fellow elephants die of cold and epilepsy and starvation and sunstroke up at a place called Ali Musjid, ten years later; and afterward he had been sent down thousands of miles south to haul and pile big balks of teak in the timberyards at Moulmein.
Chee, Singapore TB Control Unit, 144 Moulmein Rd, Singapore 308089, email: cynthia_chee@ttsh.
Then the elegiac lines speaking of the land that once seduced him: "For the temple bells are callin' an' it's there that I would be, by the old Moulmein Pagoda, looking lazy at the sea.
Moulmein is also home to Burma's first Baptist church.
Last month, bandits held up a Muslim-owned bus en route from Moulmein to Yangon, shooting the driver dead and robbing the passengers with the warning that this was what they deserved for doing business with a Muslim, according to police reports.
He naturally concentrates on Wave11's unenviable task as Commander in Chief, the battles at Moulmein, the doomed defence of the Salween River followed by fighting along the Bilin River, the battle of Sittang, the fight to defend Rangoon and its fall, the growing difficulty British authorities were having with some Burmese, the role of the Japanese navy and their attack on Ceylon, the loss of Mandalay and the retreat into India.
Arracan 13 0 15 0 G Bengal, white 15 0 22 0 Rangoon 14 6 22 0 Carolina 32 0 40 0 London-cleaned 1st 35 0 42 2nd quality 29 0 35 0 Pacna 12 0 22 0 Madras (Coringa) 13 6 15 6 Moulmein 14 0 16 0 Java 22 0 25 0 London-cleaned 20 0 28 0 small 14 6 18 0 Feeding 7 0 9 6 Meal 4 0 7 6 Sago, in bond (duty 4M.
Three species of water scorpions in the genus Ranatra have previously been recorded from Burma based on limited material: R varipes Stal from Moulmein (Mawlamyine) in the Salween River delta; R.
Tanintharyi Region: Dawna Range near Moulmein, Parish 60 (K).
By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin' lazy at the sea" is the opening line from which Kipling poem?
I remember a trip from Mandalay to Pagan on an Irawaddy River steamboat that looked like it might have been launched when George Orwell was a Colonial Service police officer in Moulmein during the 1920s making notes for Burmese Days.