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In fact, the MX3D robot, having recently graduated from resin to moulten metal, is already printing a pedestrian bridge for a canal in Amsterdam, which is projected for completion in 2018.
The firm creates glass ornaments out of the ashes of a loved one, by layering together ashes, coloured glass crystals and moulten glass.
And they didn't disappoint the home fans with crucial tries as the Midlanders hooked Sale Sharks 41-18 to make themselves moulten hot favourites for the Premiership play-offs at the expense of age-old rivals Bath.
Hotspur is not reflecting on heraldry, or even on genealogy, when he complains about 'the moldwarp and the ant', 'a dragon and a finless fish, /A clip-wing'd griffin and a moulten raven, / A couching lion and a ramping cat'.
The towers of Babos harden into porcelain-eternity in a moulten, collapsing form.
Music The Pantera tribute band Trendkill with special guests Strangler Needs A Manicure and The Moulten Llama, 8:30 p.
When ceramics has reached the desired temperature, completed its shrinkage and reached its stable state, glass is still in a moulten state.
Department of the Air Force (Maj Stephen Moulten, point of contact), to Air Combat Command, letter, 20 February 2001 (policy letter on aircrew fatigue-management program).
The contributions to growth in Table 1 are calculated using the BEA's current methodology, as described in Moulten and Seskin (1999).
The similarities of his glazes over opaque clay, to the look of radiant moulten metal in casting, is uncanny.
MusicThe Moulten Llama, Gut, Wrought Iron Hex, Seismic Supershear, 9 p.
When the moulten glaze cools, usually 100[degrees]F to 150[degrees]F below its maturing point, zinc oxide combines with silica to form crystals of willeminte (2ZnO.