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(moun) of Mow, may.
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Round Moun Usborne, at a height of from 1000 to 1500 feet above the sea about half of some of the herds are mouse or lead-coloured a tint which is not common in other parts of the island Near Port Pleasant dark brown prevails, whereas south o Choiseul Sound (which almost divides the island into tw parts), white beasts with black heads and feet are the mos common: in all parts black, and some spotted animals ma be observed.
UNDP also supported the design and monitoring of cash transfer programs implemented under the aegis of the strategy Ede Pep - Ti Manman Cheri, Etidyan Kore, Kore Moun Andikape and Bon Dijans.
During his address to the launching of the activities of Al-Mahamid tribe consultative conference (Shura), in the locality of Moun mountain, in west Darfur state , Hilal indicated keenness of Al -Mahamid tribe on the peaceful and security coexistence with all the tribes inhabiting the region, adding that the conference supports the efforts targeting the achievement of the reconciliation in Darfur.
The DSM-V also includes a glossary of cultural concepts of distress, such as ataque de nervios, dhat syndrome, khyal cap, kufungisisa, maladi moun, nervios, shenjing shuairuo, susto and taijin kyofusho.
He is running over 60 miles every day and aims to be the rst 60–year–old to complete the race – dubbed the Moun t Everest of ultra marathons – within the 52–day limit.
While the mother's magic is condemned by Partonope himself who: "syghed he wepyd petevusly / His moder he cursed to spitefully / The archebysshop and eke his sermoun / And praeth God they bothe moun / Haue myschaunce or that they dye" (PB, ll.
Chief Alaim Moun, Traditional leadership of Ingassna, Blue Nile
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Heart of the Hill Fisheries Science Cen ter, Moun tain Home, TX 78058 (GPG)
who here presents 11 essays that aim to critically historicize and contextualize representations of Haiti, structured around three central ideas: revolisyon (revolution)/kriz (crisis), moun (person/humanity)/demounization (dehumanization), and ed (aid).
Tres souvent, les vodouisants disent que << pa gen moun ki ka di li pa nan Lwa >> (personne ne peut dire qu'il n'est pas lie aux Lwa ou que les Lwa ne le concernent pas).
The resort, surrounded by b the h Sin in in i ai ai ai mo mo mo moun un un un untains, by the Sinai mountains, is 10 miles from downtown Taba if you fancy a night out.
Some families started there, as many of the regulars went on dates to the pub before marrying, said Maya Bekhazi Moun, co-owner.