Mount Desert Island

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Mount Des·ert Island

An island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine southeast of Bangor. Named by French explorers in the 1600s for its Monts Deserts, or "wilderness peaks," it is a summer resort.

Mount Desert Island

(Placename) an island off the coast of Maine: lakes and granite peaks. Area: 279 sq km (108 sq miles)

Mount` Des′ert Is′land

(ˈdɛz ərt, dɪˈzɜrt)
an island off the coast of E central Maine: forms part of Acadia National Park. 14 mi. (23 km) long; 8 mi. (13 km) wide.
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ie Top scenic islands in the world Capri, Italy 1 Hydra, Greece 2 fluent islands Mount Desert Island, Maine 3 4 Aran Islands, Ireland Moorea Island, French Polynesia 5 Seychelles 6 Maui, Hawaii 7 Santorini, Greece 8 Kauai, Hawaii 9 Bora Bora, French Polynesia 10 Los Roques, Venezuela 11 Lipari, Italy 12
According to EPA, the 13 honorees included Networkcar for its remote smog check technology, a continuous monitoring and wireless reporting system for vehicle emissions; IdleAire Technologies Corporation for its Advance Travel Center Electrification, which helps prevent unnecessary idling at truck stops; and Acadia National Park, the Maine Department of Transportation, the Mount Desert Island League of Towns, Downeast Transportation, Inc.
Mount Desert Island, ME, home to Acadia National Park, instituted a seasonal shuttle bus service to address growth in tourism.
To put these ideas to work at Mount Desert Island Hospital, our technologists performed manual differentials on each of two smears prepared from unknowns and analyzed on a Sysmex SF-3 000 at another facility.
At Acadia, a voluntary shuttle system was initiated on Mount Desert Island last summer.
Stewart and the guests at her home on Mount Desert Island, about 160 miles northeast of Portland, Maine, instead drove to a beach and took a more leisurely two-mile hike to a ledge overlooking Frenchman Bay.
Most recently he served as President of the Bar Harbor Rotary, President of the Maine chapter of the Risk Management Association, and currently is the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mount Desert Island Hospital.
Hackensack UMC, Mount Desert Island Hospital Receive Elite Distinction for Achieving Excellence in Medical Imaging
My husband and I did a spur-of-the-moment trip to Acadia last fall and had no trouble finding a motel even though it was the same weekend as the Mount Desert Island Marathon.
A native of Mount Desert Island in Maine, Pasha spent her childhood traveling around the country as part of an Air Force family.
New York, July 16 (ANI): US President Barack Obama and his family will be spending a weekend relaxing at Mount Desert Island in Maine.