Mount Desert Island

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Mount Des·ert Island

An island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine southeast of Bangor. Named by French explorers in the 1600s for its Monts Deserts, or "wilderness peaks," it is a summer resort.

Mount Desert Island

(Placename) an island off the coast of Maine: lakes and granite peaks. Area: 279 sq km (108 sq miles)

Mount` Des′ert Is′land

(ˈdɛz ərt, dɪˈzɜrt)
an island off the coast of E central Maine: forms part of Acadia National Park. 14 mi. (23 km) long; 8 mi. (13 km) wide.
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It's so, so wrong for so many reasons, mainly that greenhouse gas emissions and naturally occurring climate cycles like El NiAaAaAeA~o aren mutually exclusive possible causes of longer term global warming; rather, they can and do interact/co-occur," Karen James, a staff scientist at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Maine, wrote in a (https://www.
According to EPA allegations, the company violated the Clean Water Act by discharging wastewater without authorization from boat-washing operations into the Deer Isle Thorofare, a major shipping channel connecting Penobscot Bay to the waters around Mount Desert Island and the open Atlantic Ocean to the east.
Exotic Capri in Italy topped the list, followed by the Greek isle of Hydra and Mount Desert Island nt Desert Island in Maine, US.
They later married on August 20 1988 in Somesville on Mount Desert Island in Maine.
In the mid-19th century, Mount Desert Island, which forms the major part of the Park, was a fashionable resort for the "summer people" of New England.
As part of Camp Thoreau's impressive history, a second camp, Camp Beech Cliff, was founded on Mount Desert Island (MDI) in Maine.
The study "opens up a huge door to new therapies in regenerative medicine using electricity," says Jim Coffman, a developmental biologist at Mount Desert Island Biological Lab in Salisbury Cove, Maine.
The Art of Breakfast comes from the former innkeeper of the Kingsleigh Inn in Mount Desert Island, and provides a fine cookbook telling how to make a breakfast look lavish.
Now, two scientists from the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbour, Maine, and their colleagues from Dartmouth College and Harvard and Yale Universities have revealed that turtles are closer kin to lizards than crocodiles.
For years his mother fed this obsession, but when Jack angers her on the way to Mount Desert Island, Maine, by asking to go see Lydia, the only elephant in the state, his mother disappears during their first night camping in Acadia National Park, leaving Jack with only his sleeping bag, backpack, and about $15.
Aircraft and glider rides over Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park will reward you stunning views of forests, lakes and lighthouses.