Mount Etna

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Noun1.Mount Etna - an inactive volcano in SicilyMount Etna - an inactive volcano in Sicily; last erupted in 1961; the highest volcano in Europe (10,500 feet)
Sicilia, Sicily - the Italian region on the island of Sicily
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Skirting along the north coast of Sicily, passing through the group of Aeolian Isles, in sight of Stromboli and Vulcania, both active volcanoes, through the Straits of Messina, with "Scylla" on the one hand and "Charybdis" on the other, along the east coast of Sicily, and in sight of Mount Etna, along the south coast of Italy, the west and south coast of Greece, in sight of ancient Crete, up Athens Gulf, and into the Piraeus, Athens will be reached in two and a half or three days.
But for that resolution so often recalled, Clennam might have wished him in the crater of Mount Etna, in return for this civility.
Rome, Safar 23, 1437, Dec 5, 2015, SPA -- The volcano Mount Etna continued to erupt Saturday, sending out a plume of ash that forced the closure of Catania airport on the east coast of the Italian island of Sicily.
And it's home to the world's most active volcano, Mount Etna.
In the wider world, Mount Etna erupted in Sicily, Disney World opened in Florida, USA, and Idi Amin took control in Uganda.
Catania is the second largest city in Sicily set in the foothills of Mount Etna which provides a breathtaking backdrop for tourists.
1693- Mount Etna volcano erupts in Sicily, Italy claiming the lives of 20,000 people.
Mount Etna, the tallest volcano in Europe, stands on which island?
Whether it's Liam Mansfield oozing loucheness as Bob Phillips, Laura Penneycard as Fiona Foster who sashays her way effortlessly and urbanely through the proceedings, or Joanna Simpkins wonderful as Bob's wife, Theresa, permanently tight-lipped, wild-eyed, a human Mount Etna, and frightening as hell.
Europe's most active volcano, Mount Etna, has erupted forcing the closure of nearby Catania airport due to the plumes of ash billowing into the sky.
While Mount Etna has been quietly erupting in Italy, David Moyes has been spewing lava of his own in a late-night bar in Manchester.
A GUIDED wine tour of Mount Etna is an experience not to be missed.