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Noun1.Nyiragongo - an active volcano in eastern Congo
Belgian Congo, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zaire - a republic in central Africa; achieved independence from Belgium in 1960
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The quake raised concerns about Mount Nyiragongo, which is north of Goma and is Africa's most active volcano.
HERE'S a man who takes crater risks than most to get inside a volcano Geologist Francesco Pandolfo abseiled down the inner wall of Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo so he could capture incredible shots of the smouldering lava.
Expedition Ventures Through Mount Nyiragongo To World's Largest Lava Lake
Geologists are keeping an eye on Mount Nyiragongo, an active Congolese volcano that sits perilously close to a growing city.
The airfield's only runway, 18/36, was badly damaged when the Mount Nyiragongo, 14 km to the north, erupted in 2002.
After five days of sweaty investigation, I conclude that the Burundian poet Shinanziri Adams was right in his simple description of the lava-ravaged city beneath Mount Nyiragongo, writing in his succinct couplet titled "Goma": "Goma est chaud.
In 2002, he was in Goma in July helping those who had lost everything when the volcano Mount Nyiragongo erupted six months earlier.
MOUNT NYIRAGONGO, April 25 -- I was startled to see it perched at the lip of the volcano's rocky summit: a small cross marking the spot where one visitor tragically slipped from the crater's edge and plummeted to her death.
at the Salesian's house and was headed toward a Catholic school where the Mass was scheduled because the cathedral was damaged in the January eruption of Mount Nyiragongo.
WHEN Mount Nyiragongo erupted in the Congo in January this year, molten lava plunged down the hillside and poured into the nearby Lake Kivu.
The torrent erupted from Congo's 3,469-meter (11,380-foot)-high Mount Nyiragongo (NEE-ur-uh-GONG-go).