Mount Pinatubo

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Noun1.Mount Pinatubo - a volcano on Luzon to the northwest of Manila; erupted in 1991 after 600 years of dormancy
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Episodes like volcanic eruptions can create variability: the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 decreased global mean sea level just before the Topex/Poseidon satellite launch, for example.
Started in 1994 to help the local economy and communities recover from the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption, it is now the longest-running sports aviation event in Asia, organizers said.
In 1991, 800 people, rivers, and towns vanished when Mount Pinatubo in Zambales range, northern Philippines ejected 10 billion tonnes of magma and 22 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide, temporarily depleting ozone.
The biggest eruption in the history of the country was that of Mount Pinatubo in June 1991, which left around 850 people dead and affected over a million.
gov/fs/1997/fs113-97/) Precursors at Mount Pinatubo  included ash explosions at the summit, increases in the number of vents spewing hot gas, changes in the volcano's shape and increases in both the frequency and size of earthquakes.
It would cover some 207 hectares on land that earlier ame under the Clark Air Base where the US ran a military facility before fully evacuating it due to the nearby Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991.
Readers may remember the similarly spectacular worldwide volcanic twilights following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines--a much lesser event that, even so, turned clear twilight skies around the world from their normal deep blue to a spectacular reddish purple, or even clear, bright red as in the photo below.
The study points out that in addition to a warming global climate, another factor in the cloud movement is the "recovery" of the atmosphere from large amounts of aerosols discharged by the volcanic eruptions of El Chichon (1982) and Mount Pinatubo (1991).
In July 1990, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted with immense force, propelling over 20 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere and creating 'a tenuous aerosol mist that spread around the world'.
The volcanoes Mount Pinatubo and Taal are in which Asian country?
The French and then the Americans were driven out of Vietnam, Britain had to relinquish Hong Kong to China and the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 forced the closing of two huge American military bases, thus creating a power vacuum into which the Chinese military has steadily moved.
Helens (1980) and Mount Pinatubo (1991) are all known to have caused blue moons.