Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

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De•hi•wa•la-Mount La•vin•i•a

(ˌdɛ hɪˈwɑ ləˌmaʊnt ləˈvɪn i ə)
a city in SW Sri Lanka, on the Indian Ocean. 173,529.
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Addressing a public meeting at Mount Lavinia last week, he said keeping his faith on public and with a sincere political movement, he would sacrifice to build a prosperous country.
Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia, studied at Sri Lanka Law College where he was the President of the Law Students' Union in 1990, and is practicing as an attorney.
Our tour finished with a night at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, former residence of the Governor General, which has oodles of old-world charm - and the only private beach on the island.
According to the report, Shauketaly was on the phone to a colleague at the Sunday Leader on Friday evening at his home in Mount Lavinia when the call was cut.
MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Virat Kohli headed off to Dehiwala- Mount Lavinia, a suburb of Colombo that lies roughly 15 kilometres south of the city centre on Galle Road.
I would also like to thank our global partner Barclays, global final partners Unilever Sri Lanka Limited, Achievers Lanka Business School and official airline Sri Lanka Airlines for their support; as well as Mount Lavinia Hotel for hosting the final, all the judges, and of course the army of student volunteers from across Sri Lanka," he added.
Out of these, 129 were selected as WorldStar winners 2009 by the jury in their meeting in Mount Lavinia, a district of Columbia, Sri Lanka, on November 17 2009.
Our final port of call as our holiday draws rapidly to a close is at the Mount Lavinia Hotel on the outskirts of Colombo.
Byline: Matt Williams reckons Mount Lavinia will appreciate fast ground at Salisbury
The privately owned bus had been heading to Colombo from Moratuwa when the explosion occurred in Mount Lavinia, a suburban area just south of the capital.
But it was while they were staying at their favourite Mount Lavinia hotel, the former residence of the governor of Sri Lanka, that Miss White collapsed and died after suffering a blood clot on her lungs.