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n.1.One of a group of children appearing on the television program The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950's.
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The Disney board plans to announce a new chief Mouseketeer in June.
To hear Spears tell it, however, the 18-year-old small-town girl and ex- Mouseketeer hasn't realized just how much power she actually wields.
That's when 43% of Mouse shareholders voted to withhold approval of a new board term for their head Mouseketeer.
Disney, now vice chairman of Disney; former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello; Frank Sinatra's daughter, Nancy; and relatives of Spencer Tracy.
Now that Michael Eisner's book "Camp"--planned as the perfect Father's Day gift this June has been pushed back, the search may be on for another tome that reflects the softer side of the chief Mouseketeer.
Aquilera: Being a Mouseketeer was definitely an experience.
Though full of pique and protestation, the letter also underlines the reciprocal disappointments that soured the relationship between the head Mouseketeer and the high-profile agent he brought in to be his right-hand man.
Disney helped its cause on holiday tooner "Brother Bear" by bringing head Mouseketeer Michael Eisner to town to intro the pic.
A former Mouseketeer, Petersen said, ``Being rich and famous was great.
She's been famous for most of her life, starting as a Mouseketeer in The Mickey Mouse Club aged eight, then releasing Baby One More Time when she was just 18.
He also chatted about two of his highly anticipated films-Denis Villeneuve's Untitled Blade Runner Project, which also stars Harrison Ford, Robin Wright and Fil-Am Dave Bautista; and Damien Chazelle's La La Land, a musical paean to Los Angeles where Ryan, a former Mouseketeer, sings and dances with Emma Stone.