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Washington, April 30 ( ANI ): Behind-the-scenes 'Star Wars' photos, signed art and Historic movie cameras used during filming are set to go under the hammer.
The 23rd show, as the biggest photo show in Asia, covers cameras, lenses, Video Equipment, Movie Cameras, 3D Image Equipment, 3D Printers and more, which shows state-of-the-art digital imaging technologies and photography culture.
They show Caine and co-stars relaxing away from the movie cameras on the familiar streets of Newcastle city centre.
series for 26 years will turn the spotlight on life behind the movie cameras as part of the festival finale (pounds 15).
Still cameras, movie cameras, slide projectors, movie projectors and related items.
The thieves stole movie cameras and other filmmaking equipment in the raid on the studios in Iver Heath, Bucks, where a new Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe is being made.
The pair cuddled up on a blustery day on set and, later, even shared a kiss on the cheek for the movie cameras, but stopped short of the passionate lesbian kiss so hotly anticipated by the tabloid press.
From bringing back the first movie cameras to starting the craze for denim jeans, the Cunard Yanks were the trendsetters of the time.
Whoever killed Mirhan Topouzoglou, 55, a French citizen whose last film released was ``Killa Zombies,'' probably also stole four expensive movie cameras, a diesel generator and his pickup truck, which was found abandoned in the desert several miles away.
You've made a fortune running roughshod over cyborgs in front of the movie cameras.
Using movie cameras, story boxes and cheer-leading in the classroom will be among the topics on offer to teachers from North Stockton schools.
Sanyo communications boss Mark Ebsworth said: "These findings shed a new light on what people are using the digital movie cameras for.