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 (mō′zəm-bēk′, -zăm-)
A country of southeast Africa. Inhabited by Bantu peoples from the 1st century ad, the coast was settled by Arab traders beginning in the 8th century. The Portuguese colonized the area in the early 16th century and governed it as part of their India holdings until 1752, when a separate administrative unit was formed. It became an overseas province in 1951 and, after a decade of civil war, gained its independence in 1975. Maputo is the capital and the largest city.

Mo′zam·bi′can (-bē′kən) adj. & n.


(ˌməʊzəmˈbiːkən) or


1. (Placename) of or relating to Mozambique or its inhabitants
2. (Peoples) of or relating to Mozambique or its inhabitants
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Mozambique
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Noun1.Mozambican - a native or inhabitant of Mozambique
Mocambique, Mozambique, Republic of Mozambique - a republic on the southeastern coast of Africa on the Mozambique Channel; became independent from Portugal in 1975
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
Adj.1.Mozambican - of or relating to or located in Mozambique; "Mozambican towns"
2.Mozambican - of or relating to the people of Mozambique; "Mozambican troops are at the border"


[ˌməʊzəmˈbiːkən] ADJ & Nmozambiqueño/a m/f
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To address these challenges, as well as others the country faces, UNU-WIDER, the University of Copenhagen, the Mozambican Ministry of Economics and Finance, and the University Eduardo Mondlane are working on scaling up economics research (http://igmozambique.
Mozambican rubies have been historically found in the northeastern part of Mozambique in the Montepuez District of Cabo Delgado province.
The South African businesspeople have been urged to reach out to their Mozambican counterparts and establish partnerships that will enable them to access trade and investment opportunities in the neighbouring country.
The Sudan's Ambassador to Mozambique Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Wadi said, in a telephone call with SUNA, that a delegation of Sudapet Company had participated in the Fifth Conference of Energy, Oil and Gas in Mozambique, referring to the organization of meetings by the diplomatic mission with various Mozambican Ministry of Energy and Mining's oil and gas institutions, where opportunities of Sudapet companies to engage in investment in the fields of drilling, and pipeline installation and organization of consultations and training sessions.
As part of its strategy to reach out to the promising markets of the world, especially the African markets and to promote Dubai and the competitiveness of its business community globally, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened its third international office in Africa in the Mozambican capital of Maputo recently.
In the third chapter the book offers a brief overview of the Mozambican financial sector, with the focus on Luso-Chinese investment, particularly in the banking sector.
The prospects for building a railway from the Moatize coal basin in the western Mozambican province of Tete to a new deepwater port at Macuse, on the coast of Zambezia province, are in serious trouble, since it has been unable to secure funding, according to the Maputo daily Noticias.
Almost all of the illegal timber reaching Mozambican ports is destined for China.
What makes Moza Banco an innovative bank, particularly for the Mozambican market?
Downriver in neighboring Mozambique, floodwaters have left at least 38 dead, according to Mozambican news agency AIM, displaced tens of thousands and damaged the main road linking the north and south of the country.
The second major factor is the renaissance of the ruling party's old civil war foe and main opposition, the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo).
Mozambique is seeking to increase efforts to strengthen existing bilateral ties with Saudi Arabia, according to Mozambican Ambassador Cesar Gouveia.