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 (mŏt′sə-rĕl′ə, mōt′-)
A mild white Italian cheese that has a springy texture and is often eaten melted, as on pizza.

[Italian, diminutive of mozza, a cut, mozzarella, from mozzare, to cut off, from mozzo, mutilated, from Vulgar Latin *mutius, from Latin mutilis.]


(Cookery) a moist white Italian curd cheese made originally from buffalo milk
[from Italian, diminutive of mozza a type of cheese, from mozzare to cut off]


(ˌmɒt səˈrɛl lə, ˌmoʊt-)

a mild, white, semisoft Italian cheese.
[1910–15; < Italian mozza a kind of cheese, n. derivative of mozzare to cut off, v. derivative of mozzo lopped, docked < Vulgar Latin *mutium, for Latin mutilus]
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Noun1.mozzarella - mild white Italian cheese
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk


[ˌmɒtsəˈrelə] Nmozzarella f
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They also do a double fat boy combo of sausage, bacon and cheddar or the more girly Tom 'n' Ella which is a sandwich made with tomatoes and mozarella.
Hot panini sandwiches with various fillings such as Parma ham and mozarella, pounds 4.
The Sicilian topping I chose - aubergine, capers, anchovies, red onions and mozarella - was full of bold flavours and was thoroughly satisfying.
They control many legal ventures and have invested in the production of Mozarella cheese.
There's salmon ravioli al forno, smoked mozarella with pesto risotto cake and rump of lamb with a roasted plum tomato sauce and boulanger style potatoes.
When Jamie makes pasta with cabbage, bacon and mozarella he has, of course, been to Italy to see how it is done.
Camembert or Mozarella in Breadcrumbsn 99p from pounds 1.
Appetisers include BBQ pork ribs, deep fried mozarella and potato skins, while the main courses concentrate on hot dogs, burgers, traditional Mexican dishes and five or six treats `from the barbie'.
25; Trattoria Alfredo Pack of 2 Mozarella Pizza was pounds 2.
He gets to work on a feast which includes dishes such as sweet chilli and pepper salsa, a mozarella and chilli salad, baby spinach, fresh pea and feta cheese salad and his own "Jungle Boogie" cocktail.
Lynn's mozarella and tomato salad didn't reduce her to tears of appreciation.