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intr.v. muck·raked, muck·rak·ing, muck·rakes
To search for and expose misconduct in public life.

[From the man with the muckrake, tool for raking muck, who cannot look up to heaven because he is so obsessed with the muck of worldly profit, in Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.]

muck′rak′er n.
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Noun1.muckraker - one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
depreciator, detractor, disparager, knocker - one who disparages or belittles the worth of something


[ˈmʌkˌreɪkəʳ] N (pej) → escarbador(a) m/f de vidas ajenas
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Rabbis are pastors and prophets, managers and muckrackers, continuity and change-agents.
First, he contended, were "critical educators," such as Paul Goodman, John Holt, and Jonathan Kozol, writing in the mid and late 1960s, who "wrote more as muckrackers crying for increased sensitivity and 'better' treatment of children or reverence for learning than as analysts providing a coherent explanation of why U.
The new reporting, which actually counts the early muckrackers as its predecessors, works harder at making a point that the reader can grab than giving all parties to the dispute equal space in the story.