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Noun1.mud brick - a brick made from baked mud
brick - rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
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The rest of her family were found crushed to death after their mud brick home was reduced to rubble in seconds by Iran's worst quake in a decade, measuring 6.
This fundamental (and so often ignored) aspect of architecture is shown in a very wide range of experiments, from the ways in which plastics have been manipulated by NIO (p38) to the excellent re-use of cedar shuttering by Sambuichi in the potters' building (p72); from Hara's experiments with twisted laminated timber (p42) to Neri's thoughtful re-use of immemorial mud brick technology (p70); from Bruckner & Bruckner's deeply moving little monument, which is permeated with understanding of the sensuous qualities of stone, wood and glass (p71), to Cucinella's shining and glittering pavilions (p71) which so cleverly use glass and plastic to add magically in our time to an ancient masonry-made city.
Orientation ensures that the interior climate is maintained in equilibrium, and the mud brick open grid walls encourage passage of strong east winds which help cool the place.
A severe earthquake in mountainous southwest China crumbled houses of mud brick, killing 240 people, seriously injuring 14,000, and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless in freezing weather, officials here said Sunday.
The Assyrians made technological advances in building so that they were able to kiln-fire huge and very solid square bricks that they laid in bitumen and used to face the mud brick cores of their ziggurats.
Peter Davey and Caroline Pulford draw our attention to the decay of Fathy's mud brick buildings in New Gourna, suggesting that, 'even in a place where it only rains for half an hour in four years, maintenance should have been thought about'.
In the towns, tall houses, each owned by an individual family, date back as a type to at least the first millennium BC, (1) and the ways of building them, stone in the mountains, dried mud brick in the wadis (2) and oases, have not changed much, and in some places are still in use today.
Made of stone in the mountainous north, and of mud brick in the more southern parts, the houses nudge each other to make the defensive perimeters of each settlement, and the enclosing walls of the urban spaces.
When Prince Sultan decided to rebuild his farmhouse he turned for assistance to that ancient building material, mud brick, many others would rather have knocked down the existing house and created a concrete and glass air-conditioned palace.
Sadly, this was not the only occasion that thoughtless and unimaginative bureaucrats halted an innovative mud brick project.
Openings in the mud brick are formed using recycled timber, as are the verandah posts.
The joint Egyptian-German team excavating the site hopes to uncover the rest of the mud brick temple during the excavation season, the statement said.