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One that performs well in muddy conditions, as a racehorse, athlete, or pickup truck.


1. (Horse Racing) a horse that runs well in the wet and mud
2. (General Sporting Terms) an athlete that performs well or is not deterred by wet or muddy conditions


(ˈmʌd ər)

a racehorse able to perform well on a wet muddy track.
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Noun1.mudder - a racehorse that runs well on a muddy racetrack
bangtail, race horse, racehorse - a horse bred for racing
References in classic literature ?
The little girl upbraided him, "Youse allus fightin', Jimmie, an' yeh knows it puts mudder out when yehs come home half dead, an' it's like we'll all get a poundin'.
Is yer fader beatin' yer mudder, or yer mudder beatin' yer fader?
Der liddle brudders an' sisters go to school, vear good clothes, haf better pread an' meat; der mudder lif fat, dere iss joy in der eye, an' she iss proud of her good boy Joe.
Nefer mind vat I say, but he buy der good house for der mudder.
Together we will continue to innovate and improve the event in 2016, and help inspire a new community of Mudders.
Giveaways: 50 Mudders who sign up for a 2016 event will also receive a $250 Merrell gift card, equipping them to focus on training and motivating them to conquer their next event.
He was fitted with a prosthetic leg and it was the leg that has given up on the Tough Mudders not James.
is doing tough mudders challenges and hoping to complete a total of 16
A nod to Mansfield's rich Shawshank Redemption heritage, 2015 participants can get Shawshanked with an Andy Dufresne escape-inspired obstacle that moves Mudders up a wet, muddy tube and dumps them into a water pit.
Longbridge's Cofton Park was turned into a quagmire for the aptly named Pretty Mudders race following torrential downpours and lightning.
PRETTY Mudders - yes terday's obstacle course to raise funds for Cancer Research UK - was rain-lashed and, errr, pretty muddy.
They were new to me at the time but I've since been to lots of Tough Mudders, along with other extreme sports events including The Crossing, a mountain biking race across rough terrain in Cumbria.